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Tune-ups and Oil Changes

If you drive an older air-cooled Volkswagen it's important you have your oil changed and valves adjusted regularly, and have all electrical and mechanical systems inspected to ensure the long life of your classic vehicle. If you drive a newer vehicle we can run all diagnostics to make sure your ride is performintg at its best. From full tune-ups to brief oil changes, Franklin's does it all.

We service both air- and water-cooled VW's!

Air-cooled Volkswagens:

Complete Tune-ups

Includes oil change w/ new filter, replace cap, rotor, condenser, points and valve cover gaskets, complete valve adjustment, fuel filter replacement, timing checked, carb adjusted and checked.

Single-carburetor engines: $201

Dual-carburetor engines: $287

Cars with deep oil sump add: $12

Oil Change only: $39

Includes oil and new filter, including disposal fee.

Cars with deep oil sump add: $12

Valve Adjustment - all air-cooled cars: $34

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